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اتوماسیون خبر
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ادامه طرح ضربتی رفع آلودگی از شبکه های برق؛
معاون وزیر نیرو در امور برق و انرژی از ادامه طرح ضربتی رفع آلودگی موجود بر روی شبکه انتقال و فوق توزیع شرکت برق منطقه‌ای خوزستان بازدید کرد.
با حضور وزرای نیرو وصنعت در شادگان صورت گرفت؛
عملیات اجرایی و بهره برداری رسمی از 22 پروژه پست وخط انتقال وفوق توزیع شرکت برق منطقه ای خوزستان با اعتبار 2375 میلیارد ریال به مناسبت دهه مبارک فجر با حضور وزرای نیرو...
The gas burning unit of a combined cycle power plant with a generation capacity of 484 megawatts was inaugurated on Saturday in the Iranian city of Yazd.
Iran stands the 4th among the power-generating countries in the world, Iranian Energy Minister Majid Namjou said on Tuesday after inaugurating a gas power plant in the...
Iran hiked generation of electricity by 5.84% since the beginning of the current Iranian year .

Featured News

The project is designed to transfer 300 million cubic meters of water per annum in order to partly make up for drinking, industrial and irrigation water shortage in central Iran and to boost the volume of the regulated water of the Zayandehrood River through Koohrang 3 reservoir dam.
The Second Forum and Exhibition on Dam and Tunnel will be held in Tehran University on October 15-17.
Iranian Minister of Energy held a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart in Tehran emphasizing on rebuilding Iraq’s power grid .
Iran ranks first in the Middle East in terms of electricity generation, an official with the Iran Power Development Company stated